Apart from the National Immunisation Programme (Rijksvaccinatieprogramma or RVP), other vaccinations are also available to protect your child against infectious diseases. These vaccinations are often recommended to travellers or people who have a greater risk of consequences if they catch these diseases. But they can also offer additional protection to children in the Netherlands. These vaccinations are not free; you need to pay for them.

These are some other infectious diseases that children can be vaccinated against:

Meningococcal disease type B is caused by meningococcal bacteria. These bacteria can cause blood poisoning or meningitis. There are different types of meningococci. The National Immunisation Programme includes vaccination against types A, C, W and Y. Meningococcal disease type B occurs mostly in children under the age of 5 years. There is a vaccine against type B, but it is not included in the National Immunisation Programme. Sometimes the vaccine is covered by insurance. Read more about it on the RIVM page on meningococcal disease type B. The page also includes more information on the safety and side effects of the vaccine.

Chicken pox is highly contagious and occurs mostly in children. Nearly all children in the Netherlands have chicken pox before they are 6 years old, and do not feel very ill from the disease. That is why the vaccine is not included in the National Immunisation Programme. The chicken pox vaccination is recommended for some groups. This includes adults who have not had chicken pox before and work with children. Read more on the RIVM page about chicken pox and vaccination.

The flu vaccine is offered for free to anyone aged 60 and older. People with specific health conditions are also offered this vaccination. If your child is part of the flu vaccine target group, you will receive an invitation from your GP to have your child vaccinated. The flu vaccine is safe for children aged 6 months and older. If your child is over 9 years old, then they will always get 1 vaccine dose. If your child is under 9 years, they will get 2 vaccine doses with a 4-week interval between the injections. Read more about this on the RIVM page about the flu vaccine.